About Us


We are a digital marketing agency with a goal to help businesses reach as many potential clients as possible through effective SEO strategies. In today’s world, people are discovering and researching businesses through digital means which is why you should position yourself where your prospects are looking for your business, and that’s where Revenue Runners comes in. From search engine optimization and local SEO to web design and content marketing, everything we do is designed to increase your online presence and exposure.


We are committed to helping your business get the results it needs to dominate your competition and remain relevant. Many internet marketing companies apply old, outdated SEO practices which will only cost you money without any returns. At Revenue Runners, we utilize high-level SEO practices that are Google friendly and ensure online success. It’s time you started ranking and beating the competition. They won’t see you coming.


We understand that every business is different and has its own unique goals and needs. In order for our expert team to develop an effective digital marketing strategy for our clients, we employ the following steps:


We get to listen to each of our clients so we can understand and learn more about their business. We want to know their target audience, current audience, current marketing strategies, and your short and long-term goals.

Analyze and Plan

Once we’ve established your specific business goals and needs, we analyze your industry as well as your target market. Our team works with you to analyze the marketing strategies you’re currently using as well as your competition. This step helps us identify areas of opportunities that will give your business a competitive advantage over your competition. When it comes to planning, we take the insight we’ve gained from listening and analyzing and design marketing strategies that will accomplish better search engine rankings.

Create and Measure

Well, after planning it’s time to implement the designed marketing strategies and turn them into polished results. Every step we take at this stage is done with your goals in mind. Unlike other SEO companies that won’t tell you what they are doing, we monitor things closely and keep you updated on everything. Digital marketing can be measured. Our team will ensure you get the results you want and recommend adjustments as needed.


When we take on a new campaign we bring with us proven results.  Each one of these clients have seen a significant increase in the amount of calls and contact submissions since improving their presence on major search engines.  Their websites now have multiple listings on page 1 and have only sought out more in additional surrounding cities.  Backed by solid business plans for expansion, they are now poised for even more exponential growth.


Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Each of these attorneys now have top 3 listings in the Map Pack and page 1 organic rankings in their perspecive cities.  El Paso, Tx. and Georgetown, Tx.  With page 1 rankings their traffic has increased over 100%.  Our system has placed their website in front of more customers than ever.  Coupled with great staff to take the influx of calls and appointments they are growing!


Massage Therapist

Run a search for “massage therapist in Round Rock”.  Our client has at least 2 listings on Page 1 at this point.  Up from page 3 and 4 where their website was only being shown to their customers by word of mouth.  Now they can take in a portion of the massive amount of hurting people who are looking for a therapist for the very first time!


Party Equipment Rental

Waco, Tx.  When this business’s season picks up watch out!  They were our first client and took a chance on us.  Now they’re getting multiple calls a day from Waco alone.  2 to 3 listings on Page 1 for multiple keyword search terms has increased their revenue more than 120% over last year.